Cannassential® Drops 2500mg

Our 2500mg blend of Cannassential® Drops has been perfected to deliver a concentrated dose of high quality non-psychoactive cannabinoids for those looking to enjoy an exquisite cannabinoid experience at home and on the go.

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  • 2500mg
  • Natural Extracts
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Cannabinoids and Essential Extracts

Cannabinoids and Essential Extracts
Working in Perfect Harmony

Each and every drop of the Cannassential® range constitutes years of passion and innovation to offer an exquisite trilogy of non-psychoactive cannabinoids produced using proprietary extraction techniques from a cutting-edge strain of the cannabis plant.

The World's Finest Extracts

Our exquisite range of premium products deliver optimum bioavailability utilising a selection of legal non-psychoactive cannabinoids. From highly concentrated tinctures to skilfully crafted capsules and luxurious body salves we've got the perfect solution for your every day needs.

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Strict Quality Control

Complete quality control is extremely important to us and that's why we provide accurate third-party test results for all of our products. We constantly strive to provide our users with an unparalleled experience by providing confidence and peace of mind every step of the way.

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Formulated By Experts

Our team of experts have grown and shaped the legal cannabinoid industry into what it's become today. A mission fuelled by rigorous scientific research and backed by our passionate supporters, our proprietary formulations have reached thousands of users across the globe.

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